Can I remove the word "chapter" but keep numbering?

I’m wondering if it’s possible to have my chapters ONLY numbered, not preceded by the word “Chapter” when the manuscript is compiled. For example:

The next day, she woke up and (etc etc etc)…

I’m working from the non-fiction template, and I can see how to remove the title text in the compile/formatting settings if my chapters have no titles, but the word “Chapter” itself seems fixed. Is there any way to remove it but keep having the folders/chapters automatically numbered throughout? Or is there some other solution? I’m dealing with a book-length document, but for now at least, I want the breaks to be more subtle, 4. 5. 6. and so on, whereas “CHAPTER 4” “CHAPTER 5” etc. changes the feeling entirely.

You have complete control over all of this. The word “Chapter” is added in the title prefix and suffix settings, which can be found by clicking on the “Section Layout…” button in the “Formatting” pane.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks! Somehow I missed that the first time I looked.