Can I rename/delete Project?

I can’t see anything obvious (to me) where I can do this. I initially gave my Project a dopey name because I was just messing about. I’ve since done a lot of work in it and I’m wanting the name to be a bit more relevant. Maybe I’m being pedantic…

I guess I could try exporting, importing or copying to achieve the renaming…but I’m not feeling too adventurous at the moment, for fear of pressing the wrong thing that might equate to the self destruct button. I thought I’d best consult the experts first and see if there is an easier way.

Also, am I wrong in thinking there is no delete project button?


To delete or rename the project, just edit the name of the .scriv folder/delete it in Windows Explorer when the project is closed. :slight_smile:

(PS. There’s no self-destruct button, although it’s sort of tempting to put a dummy red button somewhere and then get to tell everyone, “Don’t press the red button!”)