Can I rename my layouts?

I have a custom layout [Windows>Layouts>Manage Layouts]. Until today, I had one, and I had it saved so that I could quickly reimport it (more of an issue back with the beta releases), but today I made a second one and I decided I needed to name it something different than “New Layout” but it wouldn’t bring up a context menu or anything. All it will do is switch between the two layouts I have, both of which are currently named “New Layout”. Even in the menu, there’s supposed to be a quick selection in the Layout menu without going into Mange Layouts, but it hasn’t added the second “New Layout” to the list…

And I just attempted to make a third layout, to check to see if it gave me an option to name it when I first create a layout and… it just froze Scrivener… I guess it realized something was wrong finally…

Force Close and I can reopen Scrivener and use it normally, except for making a new Layout, and the layouts cannot be renamed, if I try it freezes and hangs again.

Scrivener for Windows (1274647) 64-bit - 28 Apr 2021
Windows 10 21H1 Build 19043.1110

When in doubt, try F2, which is as I understand it a bit of a Windows standard, from File Explorer and such. It also works in the binder, keywords pane, etc.

That works. Just curious, does this work the same on Macintosh computers?

It does not, F2 (and all of the F keys for that matter, save F1, and even that is uncommon) tend not to have any sort of special standard usages, leaving them open to user customisation.

There isn’t a clear standard on the Mac. The file manager uses Return as an editing toggle, and so a number of programs that work like file managers will use that convention. But in Scrivener, which aims to work more like an outliner than a file manager, Return creates new items—same as on Windows.

With Scrivener for Mac, there is a consistent standard in most cases: Esc toggles editing on and off for most things that are modal. So keywords, layouts, index cards and rows in the binder are examples of that. The few exceptions are in cases where Esc has more meaning elsewhere (such as editing the Label list in Project Settings, where “Cancel” on the dialogue box itself is more standard).

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Yup that worked.

And once I was able to rename it the layouts showed in the menu and creating new ones no longer crashes Scrivener.