Can I replace smart quotes with regular ones during a compile?

I’m compiling my book into ePub 3 Ebook format then opening it in Kindle Previewer 3. In the Kindle preview app, all of the smart quotes and smart apostrophes are rendered incorrectly with characters like this: â €

I’ve tried using the “Replacements” tab during compile, but for some reason, it will not let me paste actual smart quotes in the “Replace” column. Is there an easier way to replace all smart quotes and apostrophes with normal ones during compile?

Many thanks!

Edit your compile format. Then tick the “Convert smart punctuation to dumb punctuation” checkbox under “Transformations.”

Doh! I’m an idiot. Thank you so much – I couldn’t find that but in the manual but figured it was in there somewhere.

Thank you!

You’re welcome! Glad it helped.