Can I safely uninstall Windows version 1?

I have successfully upgraded to Windows version 3. Can I safely uninstall version 1 from my PC?


Of course.

The only reason to leave it lying around is to use it again. If you won’t do that, uninstall it. If you change your mind in the foreseeable future, you can always download and install it again. I don’t know how long Literature & Latte will make it available, but I’m sure they won’t rush to eradicate it.

Leaving it lying around on your disk is fine, too. It takes up a bit of space, but you can otherwise pretend it isn’t there.

From the L&L Scrivener Downloads page, you can see under each platform there’s a “Previous Versions” link under the download buttons for the current version. If you look at the Mac history, they appear to keep every patch release for the current version, plus the “most updated” version of each of the major versions before for historical purposes. They seem to already be doing the same with the Windows version, so I would expect 1.9.16 to be available for a good long while.

We don’t offer downloads for every patch release – especially if there was an issue requiring an immediate re-patch! – but we do go back a long way. You can still download Mac Scrivener 1.54, for example, which was released in 2010.

We also try to continue to offer the last version before a major compatibility change, such as a change in the project format, or a change in the supported hardware.