can I save different contents for different compiles?

I like to compile the entire manuscript to print only synopses and notes. But then I want to compile the text of most of the manuscript, but de-select a few sections I’m still working on.

I know that I can go through and manually select or de-select sections of my manuscript to Compile. But is there a way to save a set of selections?

I’ve looked through the manual and this discussion board, and couldn’t find an answer.

Many thanks for any advice!

  • Ken

Hello KenH,
Could you not use collections, this facility seems quite useful. I use collections for scenes in progress, scenes requiring additional research - that sort of thing. Collections are easy to assemble and name.

Yes, using Collections is the intended way of handling this, though its current implementation does have some limits with more complicated compile settings. Basically only half of the design is currently in place. We have the Collections available from the “Contents” drop-down menu, but what is missing is a “filter” option below that. When filtering, Scrivener uses the selected collection to include or omit items from the Draft in place, rather than producing a new list entirely. Consequently the original indentation order is maintained, which can be important for some compile settings (where the Formatting pane uses different formats for different levels). I’d try it as a flat list though, many common compile settings do work equally well with a flat list.

At any rate, the goal is get people off of the checkboxes for anything dynamic like this. That’s really not a good tool for selecting which parts of the draft you want to compile now. It is better for stuff you’ll never want to compile, ever, like old revisions or chapter notes. Then, manually setting checkboxes is efficient and easy to do. Not so much when you want to print chapter 32 and 37.

Thanks for the suggestions regarding Collections, which I’ll test out.