Can I save my Corkboard to a Word Doc?

I want to share my Corkboard with people who do not have Scrivener. Word, PDF, etc. output is fine.


Not directly, but you can export it to a .mm (mindmap) file and open that in mindmap software like FreeMind or Freeplane to export it to a Word or OpenOffice document. I’ve been playing with that a bit, and it seems that the synopsis text doesn’t make it to the word file with FreeMind or Freeplane. There might be other options where it does – for example the paid version of SimpleMind for Android will export to a plain text file that does have the synopsis info. Another option is to export the outliner contents to .csv, which you can then open in a spreadsheet app.

If this is for viewing purposes only, you can do a screen capture of your Corkboard and paste the image into a Word doc.

thank you, I’ll give these a try

I’m on a Mac, so I can’t check, but if you go to Compile, one of the “Format as” options is “Synopses and Titles”, which you can then presumably compile to a .doc/.docx.

I assume this works in the Windows version. Have to say, I’ve never actually had to do it, since my usage to date hasn’t required synopses, but other threads have suggested it to users.

HTH :slight_smile:

Mr X

Yes, it does work on Windows. The option seems to be called ‘Synopsis Outline’.

OK, that’s less involved than going through the mindmap. :wink: