Can I see contents and synopsis side by side?

As I understand it each document has four attributes: title, synopsis, content and meta data. Different views show some of the attributes while they hide other. For instance Corkboard shows title and synopsis (of several documents) but doesn’t show content and meta data, while the Inspector lets you see meta data as well (but only of one document).

Now my main point: Synopsis is a short description of the content. So I need a view where I can edit synopsis while I’m looking at the contents, or the other way around. I need this for just one document at the time so it should not be to difficult to make.

Bob Ueland

I just found out how to do that by having the Editor view and the Inspector open side by side. Since the Inspector shows the synopsis, the problem is solved. Sorry for bothering you.

Bob Ueland

Have you had a chance to go through the tutorial yet? It has a lot of neat tricks like this that can help.

Yes, I read both Tutorial and Reference Guide and found both excellent. But somehow my mind was locked, thinking that you could only have one view open at one point in time. And there was not a single view holding both content and synopsis of a document. But as soon as I posted the question something clicked (as it often does when you formulate a question). You can have several views open at the same time, combining the information from each! The Inspector and Editor is just one solution. Another is to split the Editor view and to look at the content in one split and open the Outliner or Corkboard in the other split. This has the advantage of not just looking at the content and synopsis of a document but also seeing the synopses of the surrounding documents.