Can I set a default "Target" length?

Just as the title asks, is there a way for me to set a default target length (instead of having to manually set it every time)? Is there a way to mass-assign a target length to existing nodes? Thanks!

You could set that up for future projects by using a custom template in which you would have your project target adjusted.

Or, for single documents, you could use a document template for which, again, you already have the target adjusted.

I don’t think there is a general project default setting for the target of single documents.

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Not quite, but you could speed up the process by loading the documents you want to assign a target to in the outliner and enabling View ▸ Outliner Options ▸ Targets so the relevant column displays. Then double-click to edit the target number in the top row, copy the number, and while still in editing mode:

  • On Mac: use the key to jump to the targets in the next row, select all, paste the number, repeat.
  • On Windows: press Tab to jump to the targets in the next row, paste the number, repeat.