Can I set “no style?”

On my Mac I have my default style set to “no style,” so my text defaults to whatever the app is set to. I have several styles set up to handled headers, and then the body text always reverts to “no style.”

On iOS I have these styles imported, and I also a default formatting set. After I set a paragraph to one of my header styles there doesn’t seem to be a way to tell the next paragraph to have “no style.” I can set the paragraph to default formatting, but the style is still set to whatever header I’d used.

Is there a way to set “no style” in iOS Scrivener? Am I just missing something obvious?

Thanks for the report, I can confirm part of that. For me, the formatting does drop back to what is default on the iPhone after adding a “Heading 1” line, but upon checking the style assignment for the paragraph it is still marked as “Heading 1”, and likewise on the Mac once I copied the project back.

What didn’t reproduce for me was the case where if I tap “Use Default Formatting” on the paragraph, it sticks to “Heading 1”. For me it drops back to no style.

I was testing with default settings—blank project and a vanilla stylesheet (which is set up to go from “Heading 1” to “No Style” automatically).