Can I set what Panels Scrivener 3 shows when launching?

When I write using Scrivener 3 (which I LOVE, by the way — kudos to Literature & Latte!) I like to have my Targets and Styles panels open. As a long-time book designer from OUP, I understand the significance of true styles, so this is a welcome upgrade from version 2. Every time I launch Scrivener, my first job is therefore to hunt down “Format > Style > Show Style Panel”, then click the “Targets” shortcut I’ve added to my toolbar at the top in order to open the Targets Panel.

It occurs to me things would be much slicker if I were able to ask Scrivener to remember my layout from last time, or in some other way set the default suite of panels I have when I launch. This would save me having to think about anything other than the writing session I’m about to embark on. Is there a way to do this? I know Scrivener’s pretty brilliant at customising most things, so I’d be surprised if this feature wasn’t available, but I can’t find the setting (if it exists).

Any ideas anyone?

Thanks in advance for any and all help.


The Styles panel stays open for me across launches — if it’s open when I close Scrivener, it’s visible when I relaunch the program. The Target panel has to be reopened each time, as you say.

I’m not aware of any setting to alter this (there is one in Preferences > General > Startup for QR windows, but not for the styles/target panels) so the simplest advice is to use the shortcuts to reduce the frustration…

Ctl-s for the Styles panel and cmd-shift-t for the target pane will at least reduce the irritation.

Thanks for the reply, brookter!

I’m interested to hear the Styles Panel stays open for you from one launch to the next. It does that for me too, but only sometimes. Quite why this happens only intermittently is a puzzle to me. I haven’t been able to detect any particular reason for this behaviour.

So yes, I reckon I’ll just have to use the shortcuts (thanks for sharing). It’s not really that frustrating, I’m just surprised Lit&Lat haven’t got this base covered — they seem to be pretty nifty at streamlining their application in most other ways.

Thanks again.