Can I show comments for more than one document in scrivening view

I’ve seen multiple demos around the web, including the “Footnotes & Comments” tutorial video from Literature & Latte, regarding the use of comments. It doesn’t seem to work for me as I expect.

If I select a folder in a binder that contains documents with comments, the comments aren’t listed in the “Comments & Footnotes” pane.
If I select two documents in the binder, the “Comments & Footnotes” view changes to “Project Notes (General)” which, for the current project, is empty.

Should I be able to see comments in the “Comments & Footnotes” pane for all documents selected in the binder?
If I select a folder, should I see comments in the “Comments & Footnotes” pane for the folder and contained documents?

Or, is this not a feature in the Windows version?


Not a feature of the Windows version until the advent of Scrivener 3. Scrivener 1.x is programmed in Qt4, which doesn’t allow files to be concatenated into a single stream in the way that MacOS does. So what you see in the Windows inspector can only be the comments and footnotes of the file in which your cursor currently is located. Apparently, the new version will bring parity with the Mac version.



That’s what I figured, but I wasn’t able to find anything explicitly stating so…until your excellent explicit statement!
Yay parity!