Can I suppress headers and page numbers on front matter?

I do not want the header showing up on my title and dedication pages. Is there a way to turn it off? I also want to put an acknowledgments page in the back and need to know how to turn this off for that page as well. I need to know the same thing about page numbers for the front matter. I don’t want those pages numbered, though I do want them counted, if possible.
TR Fischer

There isn’t currently a way of doing that with the compiler all by itself, it’s one of those things you’ll need to do after compiling, in your word processor.

That’s disappointing. Thank you for responding.

TR Fischer

We’ll probably have something for the front matter in the future. We didn’t have time to program that aspect into the front matter feature itself, but we will do it. Back matter is more up in the air, but its probable there will be something for that too. Oh, and there will be support for Roman numerals in the front matter area, as well.