Can I sync just one or two documents to my ipad rather than all of them?

I have been using my mac to write recently. I would like to start using my ipad again, but I know if it tries to sync all of the documents I have written recently it will not have room.
Is there a way of only syncing particular documents and choosing which ones sync to the ipad?

By design, iOS Scrivener sees a project as a complete unit. Synchronization is all or nothing. Here are some alternatives:

Use the Sync with External Folder command to synchronize only part of the project to an external folder. Edit the contents of that folder with an alternative editor of your choice. (Not Scrivener.)

Reduce the project size. Text files on their own are quite small, so you might consider using the Research Files as Aliases function to move large files outside of the project. Or you could split the material into several projects and only synchronize the ones you need. The best approach will depend on exactly how your work is organized.

Make room on the iPad. Obviously this depends on what else is taking up space, and how you want to prioritize it.


And if you mean “documents” in the sense of whole projects, rather than specific entries in the binder of one project, then yes you can do that! You can save your projects wherever you want on the desktop, they do not all have to be in that one sync folder. That is in fact what we recommend: only using the sync folder to share what you presently need on the go. Putting everything in there just slows things down on the iPad side.

And as for the iPad itself, go back to the project screen and tap the Edit button in the sidebar. When doing so you’ll find a local storage area below the sync area that you can drag projects into to “offline them”. Just be aware that doing so removes them from the sync folder, naturally, which will have the effect of removing them from the desktop. So in most cases it’s better to move them out of the Dropbox folder from the desktop. Local storage is better for keeping “offline” archived copies available on your iPad.