Can I use custom fonts?

Ok, I’m a novice but have a simple question. Can I use a custom font in an epub? A font as MonaLisa or Edwardian Script?

I’ve read that there is a folder called FONTS in many software where insert the fonts used in the epub. In Scrivener?



Currently, no, you can’t. The trouble is that in order to do so, you would have to own a licence to the font so that it could be embedded into the e-book itself - but licensing a font can cost thousands of pounds. When you use fonts on a computer, the creator of the OS has paid for a licence for those fonts to be used on the OS. But when you publish an e-book, you have to be responsible for owning the rights to the font if it’s embedded. Most e-readers allow readers to select their preferred font anyway (front fonts that have been paid for by the e-reader provider that are built into the e-reader device)m so it’s not always desirable to force a font on them. But it wouldn’t be responsible of us to embed fonts when it could cause legal problems for us or our users, at least as far as I understand things.

I hope that makes sense. In general, when it comes to e-books, it’s best to let the e-reader choose the font.

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Thanks for your answer. It’s a shame because on the one hand is true what you write, but it’s also true that I want the possibility to use my own font for customize the reading experience. Just now I’ve a customer that ask me this. He want increase the reading experience with a custom font. He want pay me an extra for build a new kind of font for his publication. Personally I find this idea simply exciting, it’s a shame I can’t do that. Some font are so “standard” compared to the emotions of the story. For example i could use an handwriting font for highlight a letter read from the protagonist of the story.

Doubtless your motivations are very important and crucial for preventing the abuse of font’s license. I only hope that in future Scrivener can add this feature, beacuse if well used can be very intersting.

Thankyou againg for your answer.