Can I use serial key number of Scrivener 3.0 (Mac) to register for Scrivener 2.9 (Mac)?

When I downloaded the Scrivener 2.9 for mac and entered the serial number I bought for Scrivener 3.0. It said ‘unknown activation error. Product activation for Scrivener failed with error:-2003’. Anyone knows why cannot? As I wanna use Scrivener both in my Windows and Mac systems, I was told Scrivener 2.9 (Mac) can be opened by Scrivener 1.9.7 (Windows system).

[EDITED because I believe I misunderstood the OP’s post on first reading]

Do you already have Scrivener for Windows, but you’re unable to install Scrivener for Mac 2.9 on your Mac? As you say, Scrivener 3’s serial number should validate Scrivener 2.9. Are you copying and pasting the registration details? Have you tried typing the details instead?

Scrivener 2.9 should work on your Mac for 30 days in trial mode while the issue is sorted out.

You can contact the sales team on

I would try the two obvious initial remedies:

  1. Re-start the Mac and try again.
  2. Delete and re-install the 2.9 Mac version and try again.

Also, are you sure you entered the Mac v3 license number, not the Windows version’s?

Thanks for all your replies. I figured it out! First uninstall my Scrivener 3 for mac and then Scrivener 2.9 registration was successful. Stupid me!!!