Can I use some built in Scrivener function to sync with PWA, so I can edit without closing Scrivener?

I swear I saw someone do that in a video, but I cannot find the video anywhere.

Last month, I wrot a a novel in another app, to test it. It worked great, it had a built in version of a PWA/Grammarly style function. I enjoyed the work flow, which really suited my method. Write a scene, edit the scene without quitting, write the next scene, etc.

I don’t want to switch to the other app permanently. The app is great, their support team are a bit snippy, and it’s a monthly sub. That may be the way the world is moving, but I try to avoid those. (Picked up PWA lifetime cheap in a sale).

So, did I really see someone working in Scrivener and PWA without shutting either one down, using some sync system, or did I imagine that? :mrgreen:

You could do it with the Sync with External Folder mechanism. You’d just want to be sure to actually run the synchronization when switching applications.


Thank you, Katherine.
I have never used that function. I will go look it up in the S3 manual today.
Looking forward to being able to run the programs side by side. 8)