Can I write in "compiled" mode instead of in every document separately?

About a year ago I started on my novel draft using the Scrivener app for iPad. I’m self taught and haven’t really mastered the app, I’ve just been using the features that seemed to be working out for me.
The app has worked well for me and I now have a draft of about 50 000 words.

Until now I have created a “new document” for each scene in one “binder”. That has been great as I have been able to change the disposition as needed. Sometimes I have exported the document as a pdf to proofread. But now I really need to continue working in a continuous flow. Is there a way I can keep writing in “compiled” mode? Someone told me this feature is available in the mac version but can I do it with the iOS version? I don’t own a laptop, just the iPad.

I would be thankful for every answer :slight_smile: Thank you!

No, what you’re looking for is not available on the iPad, due to limitation in the iOS operating system and mobile devices in general.

There is a feature called “draft navigator” which may (or may not) give you something that’s close enough for you. See the below thread for how to access.



Thanks Jim. Not quite what I was hoping for (and the draft navigator doesn’t do it for me) but I appreciate your answer.

I’ve done something like this in the past.
There are 5 documents in the Draft folder.

Duplicate each one—Swipe left on an individual document > tap More > tap Duplicate…

You can also duplicate a folder that’s in the Draft folder. This is handy for batch duplicating because the folder’s child docs will also be duplicated. Whether a folder or doc, if the original had been titled, the duplicate will assume that title appended with a dash and number of copy; first -1, second -2, etc. It’s important to note that when a titled folder is duplicated it follows the appending scheme, however its child docs do not. Regardless, I moved whatever I duplicated out of the Draft folder to avoid any confusion.

Next let’s merge four of the duplicate docs that are in a folder. At the Binder open the folder by expanding it or by tapping the chevron in a circle at its right side > in the sidebar header tap Edit > select the four docs > in the sidebar footer tap Merge > in the header tap Done. Tap on the newly merged doc to see that the four (or however many) are now one. Use it, as needed. Edit, experiment, whatever…

Let’s see the merged doc in the Editor while referencing an original doc. At the Binder, tap the merged doc to open it in the Editor > at the Binder, swipe left on the desired original doc > tap More > tap Quick Reference…

Now let’s take some text out of the merged doc and use that text as its own separate document. Again, open the merged doc > in the Editor, place the cursor where the split in the doc should occur > long-press on the cursor so the Inline Menu appears > tap Split.


After some quick practice in a dummy project, all of this will be much faster accomplished than the time it took to write it. I hope what I’ve written is clear and error free. Using duplicate items, making sure they’re titled correctly and keeping them out of the Draft folder—generally, staying organized—made iOS Scrivener more flexible for me. It opened up possibilities far beyond what I’ve written here.

Beyond self-teaching, the included tutorial, L&L videos < > are great resources.

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