Can I write MultiMarkdown using the Scrivener editor?

I just wrote my novel using MultiMarkdown using the Scrivener editor. Now that I’m compiling, the markdown is being ignored. Reviewing the docs it looks like Scrivener imports MultiMarkdown, but may not let me originate text that way.

How can I compile my novel written in the Scrivener editor so that MultiMarkdown gets translated to proper formatting?

It doesn’t sound like this has been done, so just to make sure everything is all plugged in right: when you go to compile, you’re choosing a MultiMarkdown based conversion within the “Compile For” drop-down? You have to tell the software you want to use that engine to process your text, otherwise it’s just going to assume you meant to type in the asterisks, brackets and whatever else, and print them so the reader can see them.

The MultiMarkdown option at the top is for producing MMD files—if you use another processor like Pandoc, that’s a good option to use. The rest will automate running MMD against the file and produce the intended output format, as well as providing options to facilitate doing so, like setting up a basic LaTeX document boilerplate.

Worked like a charm. Thank you, AmberV!