Can Import & Split create hierarchies in the binder

I have a large word document formatted using word’s built in heading styles. Can Scrivener split the document and nest the content like this in the binder?
Heading 1 Content
____Heading 2 Content
________Heading 3 Content
Or can I use Separators in some fashion to achieve this?

It can split via import.
But nest, I think not.

Import & Split will create Binder hierarchy structure for Markdown files. So, if you can get your doc into markdown format, or minimally just get the hashtag marks in for the hierarchy structure, you can do this.

My application for this is getting material from mindmaps into scriv hierarchy structure, so my source text is always just plain text from mindmaps anyway.

Lines which start with a run of hashtags specifies a level of indent. Any text on that line becomes a doc title. Text immediately following such a hashed line will become body content. As usual with MMD blank lines are meaningful — if you are in the habit of using blank lines between paragraphs, you will need to prep a copy without those.

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Here are my screenshots from the other thread.
Might prove useful. (?)




Well, you learn something every day on this forum! I did not realize (or have since forgotten) that the options in the dialog changed if you selected a docx — and that it was ready to split on Word’s own outline structure! Another sweet deal.