Can IQ sink below zero?

Here is a text from a brochure. Can you guess what they sell?

Definitely something kitchen-y, but I can’t guess what. I was going to suggest a hand-blender, but the fish reference scuppers that idea. Are there any other clues?

You’re right, it’s a kitcheny thing. It’s made of metal

So wot y sayin bob? There re IQs above 0!!

I think it`s an explosive tipped harpoon from a Norwegian Whaler…right!! :smiley:

That would certainly explain the fish reference… but aren’t there international treaties to prevent the brutal harpooning of innocent potatoes? :slight_smile:

My son suggests it might be a pressure cooker? :bulb: (Metal… kitcheny… time-saving…)

No, it’s a stainless kitchen sink. Right now me and my wife are moving to an apartment and we we are renovating it. We are changing the kitchen, and the sales person suggested a stainless kitchen sink from a company called Stala. I asked him how thick the metal of the sink was. He looked for quite a while in his papers but could not find such info. So he suggested that I look it up on the Internet, on the company’s home page. I did so when I got home, but the only info I got was the quoted muzak-like poetry. This is not a unique case, if you buy wooden floor they will tell you that the floor is 15 mm thick, but they wont tell you how much of that thickness is actually the wood that you can polish. It turned out that in my case (after several telephone calls to the factory) that it was only 3.6 mm. In their brochures they don’t mention these hard facts.

Their idea is that people don’t by products, they buy life styles. So they say “I sink my hands into the soil. I gather new potatoes.”, but they don’t want to reveal that the thickness of their stainless steel is only 0.5 mm (thin as paper). People don’t buy products, they buy trademarks, they say. But what these bozos don’t understand is that you have to earn the reputation of the trademark. And you do it by making good products!

I’m sick of these companies who lower quality at the same time as they increase their prices. And they do it by overwhelming marketing. Most people don’t have time to spend a lot of time chasing facts. So they make it increasingly hard to find these facts and they drown you with life style mumble jumbo.

There are! But! The Norwegians, the Japanese, and the Irish refused to sign it. The Irish said they needed to be able to catch the wild deep sea spuds for scientific research purposes. :confused:

Bob ,
I had a similar experience a few years ago, concerning a new bath I was fitting. Cast iron and pressed steel baths are very rare and expensive. This one was acrylic. It was advertised as being something like 8mm thick, as opposed to the cheaper version, which was about 5.5mm thick. During the process of fitting it, I had my doubt about the thickness. It looked a lot less than 8mm. I checked it in about eight different places. At its thickest it was almost 5mm. At the hole for the drain and the overflow, it was 3mm.

I phoned the manufacturers to complain and was put through to a very charming and knowledgeable young woman, who, without any prompt from me, talked me through the, whole, process. Including the fact that 8 and 5.5mm, refers to the thickness of the sheet of acrylic, prior to it being pressed into the shape of the bath. Nowhere in the Advertising blurb, was this fact mentioned.

Cost cutting is the way of the World these days, is it not. As is this Life Style crap!! I can`t think of anything more puke inducing, than listening to vacuous individuals extolling the virtues of this or that materialistic Life Style choice. Uuurrrgghh!!

Take care

A sink? How weird. And how frustrating, if you’re looking for solid information. It must be a funny sort of job, writing existential poetry in lieu of advertising copy. But maybe the reason I don’t understand it is because I haven’t got a lifestyle… now, there’s a sobering thought! Maybe I should remedy this by taking up a glamorous hobby, like deep sea spud research :slight_smile:

Siren, Mon Chérie
I was under the impression that you didn`t do, ‘Sobering’. You always seem to be , either, in the throes of a promiscuous relationship (or hankering after one), with one abuseable substance or another.

Anyway, my Sweetness, sobering , doesnt have a lot going for it. Its a bit like, ‘Life Style’ :frowning: Mere d`Lucifer!!
Le D :smiling_imp:

the ad sure looks similar to those ones about adult incontinence, constipation or diarrhea.

Which are probably all due to bad, ‘Life Style’ choices in the first place!!
I know mine are. :blush:

Sacré-mère de Lucifer,
Trust the delectable, pink, to move the focus of this thread, out of the kitchen, into the sewer. tch! tch!
Le D :imp:

it’s all about freedom! And not requiring 24/7 access to the toilet.

I have nothing against cost cutting if it leads to price cutting. That’s actually what IKEA does. But cost cutting and at the same time raising the price and doing sugary advertising, is what many companies do, and that is the reason why they never will be as successful as IKEA. Stala takes 1300 US dollars for a sink that’s 80 cm wide, and that’s very expensive. But they don’t have the decency to tell how thick their stainless steel is :angry: .

Im assuming 1300 is a typo, or else youve purchased a s/s sink, that you can sail around the World in, or is equipped for docking with the International Space Station. If youve paid that kind of money, for a sink top...youve already succumbed to the, Life Style, marketing magicians magic. :confused: Youre beyond help.

For 1300 USD you deserve to be told more than the gauge of material being used, you need putting in touch with a good counsellor.


The clue was in the title of the post :wink:

No 1300 US dollars is the correct price. The one I wanted called Franke was 2600 US dollars and I said to the salesman that it was too expensive, and then he suggested Stala for 1300 US dollars which is the cheap variant. In Sweden we are used to pay more for our things then the rest of the world :frowning:

We fitted an IKEA kitchen in our previous house. I was really happy with how it looked. But in this house, we fitted a B&Q kitchen. The reason being that the IKEA cabinets were full depth, where the B&Q ones had 10cm gutting for pipes, and we had pipes along the wall. The alternative was to repipe inside the cabinets.

I regret using B&Q, the quality is poor, the finish lacks obvious details - like corner cabinet joins with holes where goods can fall through, and the sink fittings (which were fitted correctly) are so badly done that dynarod wouldn’t fix the problem because the sink was incorrectly set up.