can label text appear on hover?

Hi - apologies if this has been discussed already - I did search but may I have missed it, perhaps due to using wrong terminology.
My question is whether there is any way to have a mini-note (just one or a few words) that appears when you hover over an item in the binder?
One application would be if this defaulted to having the name of the label. Currently of course we can use colours for labels, which is great - but I do sometimes forget which colour I have used for which label. Having a little note that appeared when I hovered over the binder item would be great.
If it could be expanded to allow a mini-note to be added manually to a binder item that would be even more awesome.
I realise this might be a wish list item and I am happy to move it to that forum. Just thought I would check first if it is already possible?

We used to have this capability for the Synopsis, which is the ideal place for small notes to self, but unfortunately with the way the newer development tools work, it is no longer possible to dynamically fetch information for a tooltip when you need it. Besides it never really worked super well in version 2 anyway, as the Mac would add its own tooltip on top of ours and there was no way to override it.

Well, it’s not the binder, but we do have a label tooltip on the colour strip of the index card, in the corkboard.

Thanks Amber