Can 'Learn Spelling' be a keyboard shortcut?

When you right-click on a wavy-lined word unknown to the dictionary, there’s an option to Learn Spelling. I’d like to make a keyboard shortcut for that. Is it possible? As it’s not a menu item, it’s not immediately obvious how to do this.

I’m not aware of any way to reliably apply a keyboard shortcut to a dynamic contextual menu command like that in OS X, unfortunately—as far as I know the command does not “exist” until you right-click. You can wire up a keyboard shortcut to trigger a mouse event, using a power utility like BetterTouchTool, but it’s important to note that just cross-wires the keyboard to the mouse, it doesn’t magically cause the keyboard to act like the mouse. In other words: if you hit your “right click” keyboard shortcut, it will fire off wherever the pointer is currently sitting (even if invisibly), which is most likely not hovering over the word you just misspelled. :slight_smile:

Thanks AmberV.

I suspected that might be the case, and I suppose it’s the way it is, a right-clicky thing, because it can’t actually be a menu item.

Oh well, looks like a right-click and a jostle down the pop-up (ooh-er missus) every time I want to have my machine learn a spelling. Keeps me off the streets.

Another approach is the more traditional spelling window which you can access from off the Edit menu. With that you’ll find the typical Next/Learn/Ignore type buttons. If you save it for after you’re done writing that may be easier.

Good thought: that might actually be a better bet. Thanks!