Can Letterbox mode be centered vertically

As you increase the pixel height of the Letterbox, the frame drifts upwards - is there a way to keep the frame centered at any size?


Not to my knowledge. The only way to keep the letterbox mode from entirely sticking to the top is to keep the height constrained past a certain point. I don’t recall the exact feature request that spurred this idea, if there was one, but I think the feature arose out of a desire to keep text from going all the way to the bottom of the screen, without having to rely on typewriter mode. This would explain its aversion to the bottom of the screen.

Thanks - I suspected as much.


Don’t know if it’s technically possible or not, but may I request this option for 2.0? :smiley:

I’m afraid Letterbox mode has gone from 2.0 altogether… It was really just an experiment to see if I could recreate that “3 lines of text” thing you had on old word processors, but I was never happy with it; you’re the only user I’ve heard of actually using it!
All the best,

It’s interesting that you call it a gimmick, because that’s pretty much how I use it :slight_smile:

I turn it on every once in a while, usually when I’m in preferences to change something else. I usually use it for the length of the writing session, but as soon as I open the project again, and go into full-screen, the first thing I do is turn it back off. After that, I won’t turn it on again until I go into preferences for something else.

I won’t miss it in 2.0 though. No harm; no foul.