Can no longer view on screen more than one scrivener file at a time

Don’t know what I’ve done wrong, but my workflow depends on being able to have two or more scrivener files open and visible at the same time, so I can select options as appropriate from the master file and drag them over to the daughter file. (why do we say ‘daughter file’? But that’s a red herring). I have multiple monitors on my mac (Big Sur 11.2.1) if that makes any difference.

Somehow, today, that double visualisation no longer happens. I can see EITHER master OR daughter, but not both. What have I inadvertently turned off?

As always, TIA


Did you merge the two into a tabbed window? If so, use the Window → Move Tab to New Window command to un-merge them.

If not, are you in Full Screen mode in one or both projects?


PS “Child” file works, too.

Thanks, Katherine; the tabbed window trick worked. I have no idea how I got the two files onto one tab (or, to be honest, exactly what it means or why I might want to do it).
But those are all considerations for another day. I have my two separate windows now, and can finally get on with my work.

As always, thanks a bunch!


PS - I have just seen your PS, where you say that ‘Child file works too’ - this is another thing of which I know nothing. Is it a better way to do the master/daughter thing ? In my master file I have multiple options for the daughter documents I have to generate - think contract clauses in multiple languages - and at the moment I look at my daughter file, decide which clause is appropriate to drag over from the master file, and drag that file to the binder in the destination daughter file. Maybe there’s a better way to do it?

As an aside to comment on the aside, personally, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that used in English. Parent and child is more common from what I have seen.

On re-reading, I think I may have completely misunderstood Katherine’s addendum. I thought 'child file’was another secret mechanism in Scrivener!

I’m glad to hear 'child file’is commonly used, though it sounds very strange to my ears. I wonder what that betrays about my upbringing?

If you do a Google search for the phrase “parent-child hierarchy” you will get thousands of hits, many related to Excel or other spreadsheets, and to database programs.

You’ll see motherboard/daughterboard in the electronic circuit world. But yes, parent/child and branch/leaf are more common terms for outline nodes.


People with small screens in particular often prefer to use tabs – like a tabbed browser – rather than separate windows to organize multiple projects.