Can one edit the URL of a previously Add-ed Web page?

For Scrivener for Windows.

IF I Add a Web Page to my Project, AND I want to modify that Web page’s URL, THEN can I do it? IF yes, how?

Here’s what I’m doing:

  1. Use Add —> Web Page, then choose Dynamic Web (Internal Browser). Scrivener downloads the Web page and formats it. (At least for pages accessed via HTTP; HTTPS seems to work much less well.)
  2. Attempt to edit the previously imported Web Page’s URL. Doesn’t seem doable(?)
  3. Circumvent the problem by Trash-ing the previously added Web page, then re-Add the page using the modified URL. Seems very un-Scrivener in its clumsiness…?

In the Binder (and a couple of other places in the Scrivener U.I.), it’s very easy to change the Web Page’s name.

But editing a previously Added Web Page’s URL seems to be undoable? At least I can’t find any way to do it. Didn’t find anything in the User Guide, either(?)

Any ideas?

Cheers & thanks,

It’s not possible via the interface; trashing and re-importing is how you’d need to do this. Typically the import function is making a static copy of a file into your project folder, so something like editing the file path/URL doesn’t make sense; the “Dynamic” option for webpages is unusual in this regard because it’s just placing a link in the binder file rather than making a copy of the webpage. Technically you could edit this in the .scrivx file (when the project isn’t opened) if you’re comfortable editing XML files; I suggest making a backup first before you go messing around in it, but you’d simply be replacing the link there with the updated URL.

That said, have you looked at using project or document references instead? These are intended as external references, so it’s quite easy to update the file path or URL from within the inspector just by double-clicking the title, and you could still load the page in the editor.

Yes, ala Show Inspector —> References —> + (Add) to add an external HTTP reference. Double-clicking that sort of reference does indeed permit its URL to be edited.

Perhaps it was in part that feature’s logical-ness that led me to expect similar behavior in the Reserach folder…

In any event, the inability to edit a Research folder entry’s URL is in no way a show stopper, just one of those curious corner use cases…

Cheers & thanks for your help,