Can one increase the flashing frequency of the cursor?

Can one increase the flashing frequency of the cursor?

Have you experimented with the settings in Windows Control Panel/Keyboard? In Windows 7, there’s an option there labeled “Cursor Blink Rate” with settings ranging from “None” to “Fast.”

Ah no, hadn’t had the idea.

Actually I would like to change the flashing for the cursor in Scrivener only. With Scrivener the drawback (for me) is that when the cursor is inserted in the editor it might start with a none blinking period (other than all of the other programs I use) so it might take a time you can see it is inserted at the right place or inserted at all.

Many thanks

I have found that when moving between the editor (or two editors) and the binder, Scrivener often does not correctly place the cursor in the editor. It’s not that it isn’t flashing fast enough–it just isn’t there at all. I either have to click in the editor with the mouse, or use Ctrl+Tab again again to move between editor(s) and binder until the cursor appears in the editor. I believe this is on the list of things that they are going to fix.

Yes, sometimes I have to click twice or more to place the cursor in the editor, and because of that I would like to have a faster flashing speed (or the cursor to be in the flashing period when inserting it) to see immediately whether it is inserted (correctly) or not. Often I start writing but the cursor is not placed in the editor.

OK, on the list, would be great