Can one make a link in the Binder to another item in the binder?

Can one make a link in the Binder to another item in the binder? So instead of copying / duplicate an item create a link to it?

I can’t see how this would be of any benefit?

Perhaps if you can describe more specifically (or provide an example) what it is you are trying to accomplish?

Thank you very much.

Very sorry about that.

Well, I would say, I would try to accomplish the same like one who uses bookmarks, favorites, links, etc. E.g. if you need the same informatiion in 5 different scenes (items in the binder) and you want the information being existing only once (for editing this information one time instead of editing it 5 times).

Discussion here:

Repeating text documents

A <$text> placeholder, whereupon Scrivener would insert the contents of a referenced doc at compile time, was the planned implementation as of March 2015.

Rgds – Jerome

Thanks for the link Jerome,

Actually a simple link would be enough / the best.

And I would use / need the linking before compiling. I just want to see / access special information at a special place (belonging to different texts / phrases / other information) in an easy manner.

Given the way that Scrivener works at present, while it’s not possible to create a link in the Binder as such, I wonder whether you might be able to achieve this by creating a Bookmarks note in some prominent place, and then using it to keep Scrivener links to those frequently accessed pieces of information.

Sorry, I do not quite understand. Could you give an example?

Biff: does this thread, which gives a somewhat more precise description for being able to “alias” a Binder entry, fulfil your requirements?


I’m not clear from your description whether what you want is a (a) better bookmark system of important Binder items, or (b) you actually want to use information from one Binder item in multiple places? Aliases will help with the latter but not the former. Though I probably wouldn’t use aliases, I do think they would be very powerful for those who do need to manage repeated chunks of text flexibly. From your reply to landyvlad it sounds like aliases would be exactly what you wanted?

Many thanks for the link nontroppo. If such an alias system would work I would use it, I assue, and may be I would use it as a substitute for what I ask for in this thread.

I would choose (a)., if I see it right. May be it is the same or the similar of a “reference” in “Word” or a link (*.lnk) in Windows: press CTRL+SHIFT and drag a folder (any folder in the Binder) or file (any documtent in the Binder) to another folder (any folder or document in the Binder), a lnk / link is created that way. The link would look like the linked item additionally having “Link” in its name.

Not exactly, I would think, but they would be great either.

Am I missing something, or is all of this solved by the References inspector tab and other existing features? There are Project References, which are universally available from any document, and there are Document References, which allow you to establish links between items.

Aside from that feature, there is simply putting hyperlinks into the text of the Document Notes for an item, where one can annotate their links as they wish—never mind hyperlinks in the main editor itself. I.e. you can link to a character sheet from the character’s very name in the editor. Or you can link from within an inline annotation if you’d rather have them in the text area but not printable.

If you do mean inserting text from one item into another so that you only have to edit the central text once—yes that is coming, and the way it works will also provide for you a clickable link. Basically you’d put <$include> into your text file where you wish to insert the text from another item, and then create a hyperlink on the placeholder itself pointing to the item that should import. Now while you’re editing you can simply click on the link to read the text that will be injected into that location when you compile.

So this is even better than aliases or shortcuts, because you can insert such texts into other texts rather than merely inserting the whole chunk intact in a different location (though you could easily do so by inserting a file with nothing in it but this tag). For example: I have a particular footnote that I’m using periodically to indicate that a feature is modified by a particular preference. The text for that footnote is stored in a folder that contains central snippets of text like this. Where I need the footnote, I put that include tag right inside the footnote marking. :slight_smile:

I am not sure. What features else could do it?

May be I am missing anything or all. Sorry for my bad explanation, what I meant: You can duplicate an item in the binder:

I would like to do the same, but instead of getting a copy I would like to get a link (without content or with content but not being editable). When clicking on that link the souce item / information would be shown or selected / marked.

I have been following this thread but still don’t understand what you want to do.

Your title says that you want to make a link in the Binder, right? But the Binder contains documents with content, so where do you want the link? Inside the title of the Binder document or somewhere in the document itself?

Yes, absolutely.

I would say, in the Binder.

Both of them, no, I would say, in the Binder.

May be…:

Sorry again for the worst explanations.

I believe that what Biff is asking for is what DevonThink calls “replicants”, which is one document that appears in multiple places. If you change one you change all, since it is the same content. (That sounds like an alias to me, but DT calls them replicants.)

There are no plans for a feature like that. If you want to look up previous discussions on the topic, search for “clones” and “replicants”, which is the jargon outliner style tools typically use to refer to this kind of feature. Requests for features along these lines were addressed years ago with the Collections design.

Otherwise, for purposes of distributing identical content to multiple areas of the draft, as mentioned that will be possible but not through cloning, through text insertion.

So, if I understand you correctly, you want some kind of live copy of a complete Binder document, so that the exact same document appears on two or more places? The purpose being that if you change the “mother” document, all “live copies” would change as well?

I somehow feel that such a feature contradicts the core of how Scrivener is constructed, with all Binder items being individual files.

Alright, thank you very much!