Can only access main features through tutorial file, not through Scrivener icon in dock

I can be painfully literal. I downloaded Scrivener for my first time, went through the tutorial. Then got ready to start a new project. I dragged the icon from apps to the doc of my Mac, opened it up, went to file but the ‘new projects’ feature is grayed out as are a number of others. The ‘import’ and ‘export’ features are bolded but when I click on them the ensuing options are grayed out. All of these features are available to me if I open the tutorial draft. It is making me bananas because it doesn’t compute, why would I only be able to open new projects via a tutorial? I know I should let it go and just work from here, but would appreciate it if anyone has the solution. I’ve deleted everything, downloaded the app again, and bypassed the tutorial just bringing the icon straight to the dock…no dice.

Any help appreciated it, who knows maybe this is a growth opportunity.

Don’t drag the icon to the Dock.

Install Scrivener in the Applications folder. Launch it from there and confirm that everything works correctly.

Then, while it’s running, right-click on the Dock icon and choose Options -> Keep in Dock.

If you launch Scrivener without any projects, from any location, your only options will be to open, create, or import a project. All of Scrivener’s other features require that you have a pre-existing project first.