Can rearrange some but not all texts in binder

Hi there,

I seem to have a problem to move some but not all texts in my binder. I tried searching the forums if someone else had the same problem but I cannot seem to find it.

I’m not viewing a collection, I don’t use search, I don’t have multiple files selected (as would be visible in the bar) and as far as I can tell I haven’t locked them in place. I tried locking them and unlocking them to see if that would change anything, but it doesn’t help.

It is strange because some of the texts which are below them (on the same level) can be moved, but others not.

I can rearrange them by using go to, but the problem here is that I cannot decide the order because it just puts it as the first one (i.e. the text has to go after another text that’s already located in the same section). It’s very annoying when I’m experimenting with the order of my text.

Does anyone know what I can do about this?

I would, with the project closed, go into the Settings folder for the project and remove the “ui.ini” file. That will reset the project display settings. See if that clears up the problem, if not, you can just drop the file back in and reload it to get your old settings back.

Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to work.

I did notice that at least on this computer (where I have an older version of the project), I can rearrange the order in the corkboard. However, I can’t rearrange those texts in the binder.

Do the arrow keys work? Just hold down Ctrl and use the up/down arrows on something you know will move around. Now does it work for one that doesn’t drag?

Yes that works :smiley:

Interesting, well at least nothing is wrong with the project, it just sounds like it may be a problem with the mouse drivers. If you’re using a pressure-sensitive tablet that may be an issue. We also know of a few oddball problems with click-and-drag on some laptop trackpads. If you’re using any of those, try a USB or wireless mouse and see if that works better.

Meanwhile the arrow keys remain useful. Note you can use left and right arrows to change the indent.

It would be weird if it there’s something wrong with the mouse drivers because it happens with both my laptop (with my external mouse and with the mousepad) and my computer for the same files. Maybe something went wrong when I copied it from one computer to the other? (I read now about using the back-up rather than copying all the files, so that’s what I’m going to do from now on.)

The arrow keys are so useful! They feel very intuitive and I can hardly believe that I didn’t realise that would work too before. So I’m happy :slight_smile: It remains weird but there are other options to move them around (use go to, arrows, arrange in the corkboard).

One thing I neglected to ask, but are you sure you’re looking at the Binder, and not project search results or a saved search collection? Search results won’t let you drag things around.

Glad the arrows are good enough though. I’m the same way, I rarely use anything other than those.