Can Research be optional?

The Research folder cannot be deleted. I don’t need it, as I have this is in a separate scriv project along with other stuff. I thought I’d rename it, but Scrivener closed without warning when I tried. I would like it to be made removable. Is that something that could be considered for the next release?

Hi there!

You are right that the Research folder is not removable at the moment. There are three non-reducable elements in the binder each with special properties: the draft folder (preferential treatment in compiling output), the research folder (items not typically compiled) and the trash folder (used like the recycle bin in Windows).

You can’t delete these items, but you can rename them to better suit your needs. The closing of Scriv when you tried was probably a coincidence? In my case I’ve renamed the three the Manuscript, Background & Notes, and Airlock respectively, which doesn’t actually imply any different use to the above model, but better fits my way of thinking.

So, I’d ask why you have your research in a separate folder? Are your notes a secret from some contributors? Given the way Scrivener stores and retrieves data in a project, I wouldn’t expect you to see any slow loading etc from having it all in the one file, and you’ll have better access to the materials while writing.

If you REALLY don’t like having it there, then I suggest you drag and drop the Research folder to the very top of the binder (yes, above the Draft folder) and rename it to something random and just use it as some sort of inspirational message. Something like “Pigfender rocks!” is always a good one, or perhaps:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
You do!

Pigfender, I have a completely separate scriv project for research, characters, etc. This is because it relates to a number of projects (imagine a series of stories having one set of characters, etc).

BTW, I’m not convinced that Research has any special qualities other than being sticky. Character folders don’t get compiled either and they’re deleteable.

I would never tell YOU that you weren’t special!


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Well, I think you’re special, Research Folder.
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For that psychologically important third reason: you provide a crucial ‘spacer’ so that none of your offspring are accidentally caught at level 0 if they find themselves in a compile collection.

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