Can .scriv projects created on Mac be edited on Windows?

I have a friend who I’d like to edit my Mac produced scrivener files.
We’re having difficulty opening them.
A warning appears saying that “This document is open on another computer” and prompts me to “Continue to open”
Is it possible to open it on windows?
and if so, then is it possible for her to edit, save, and send back to me?



How did you send the project? Which steps did you take to package up the project? Most often this error is caused by not closing the project before packaging it up. If you just right-clicked on it to zip it while it was open, then yes it would arrive on their computer in that precise state with you “editing it” as the zip file does not get updated after you close Scrivener on your computer, with the updated state of you “not editing it”. If that makes sense. Same thing will happen if you drag a .scriv project to a thumb drive while it is open, as that creates a copy of the project at that moment in time, as is: opened for edits.