Can Scriv. remember my name and contact info?

Just downloaded Scriv. the other day and I’ve been playing around with it. Love it so far. I have one basic question. Why do I have to enter my name/address/phone number/email address every time that I create a new project? If I register the software, will the program remember all that info? I thought the demo was fully featured but I don’t see a preference anywhere for this.


I’m not entirely sure what you mean, but I assume you mean in the title page of your manuscript etc. Scrivener doesn’t have “fields” for this, so it doesn’t really know anything about your name or address - it is all just text as far as Scrivener is concerned.

(You are right in thinking that the demo is fully featured - there are no features hidden from demo users.)

However, what you can do is just modify the templates so that they remember your name and address. For instance, if you use the novel template, just create a new project based on it and do nothing to the project other than enter your name and address etc where you want it. Then just save the project as a template, either overwriting the original novel template (by using the same name) or by creating a new template. Then every time you load that template, it will have your name and address etc.

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When I create a new project, I type the projects name and punch create. Done!!

Whats all this with email/phone Nos etc. etc. :confused:

I think he just means having his contact info automatically show up on a certain part of the project (title page, or wherever he may need it).


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