Can Scrivener 2 on Windows open a Scrivener 3 file from MacOS?

I’m fully switching from using MacOS + iOS to using Windows + iOS. Given Scrivener 3 on windows probably won’t be out yet, and me not wanting to put my big projects in total jeopardy, can I safely open Scriv 3 MacOS files on Scriv 2 Windows?

(I did look for a thread in existence about this but I couldn’t find. If someone has a link, do post it here. :laughing: )

No, Scrivener 3.X projects can not be read by Scriv 2.X, but the good news is that you can export your Scriv 3 file to the Scriv 2 format. Assuming you still have access to a Mac you can click on File < Export < As Scrivener 2 Project.

There is no Scrivener 2 for Windows. There is 1.9.something and there is the beta 3 (which IS numbered as 2.9.something).
The beta version should do what you want and it is almost ready for prime time. I have been using the Windows beta version and the iOS app for almost a year now with no problems - but then I have not needed to output (compile) to different formats very often.

You’re absolutely correct, but given that ForgottenGold stated he/she was moving from Mac to Windows and that the 2.X and 1.9 file format are identical I saw no reason to correct them.

As far as using a beta. It does seem to be fairly stable, but given that it is a beta there still may be bugs that could result in data loss, I believe the chances would be fairly slim, but I would only recommend it to someone who is willing to take such a risk. At least, they should be warned of the possibility.