Can Scrivener flag a note whenever one of its children changes?

I like to write from an outline, and keep my writing closely tied to the outline. Scrivener’s outlining tool is perfect for that – I can construct an outline, and then write the content of individual sections.

Sometimes I change the outline, which causes my writing to get out of sync, and I may need to rewrite the section. This can happen whenever I change, add, or remove children in the outline.

I want Scrivener to tell me when a section is “out of date.” It should flag the section whenever one of its children has changed. Then I can revisit the section, potentially rewriting it, and mark it as current.

As an example, I might start with the outline:

  • I have a dog
    ** His name is Buddy
    ** He came from a rescue organization
    ** I got him when I lived in California

I use the bullet points to write the body of “I have a dog”:

I have a dog, named Buddy. I got him from a rescue organization when I lived in California.

Now I change one of the children, replacing “California” with “Colorado.” The “I have a dog” content is out of sync with its outline, and I have to rewrite it. I would like Scrivener to flag “I have a dog” as having its children changed, so I can rewrite it. When I’m satisfied that it’s current, I can mark it as resolved / current.

Can I get Scrivener to do that?

Ther isn’t an automatic process, but If I’ve understood you correctly, the following should work.

Have three Labels: todo, done and changed.

Create a template document for the bullet point documents and give it the label 'todo’. Then create your outline using the template so that they all get ‘todo’ as the default label.

As you convert each bullet point into the text, change its label to ‘done’. Then if you later change a bullet point, temporarily label it ‘changed’ until you’ve incorporated it into the text (when you’ll mark it back to done, of course.)

You can opt to show label colours in the binder to make this more obvious if you want.

Would this work for what you need?

I think so! Thank you for the suggestion :slight_smile: