Can Scrivener Handle Russian


I have someone who wants to translate one of my books into Russian. I’m wondering what if any types of issues I might run into if I take their translated Word document file and load it into Scrivener so I can then compile it into the various formats - .mobi, epub, pdf, etc.

Can anyone help me with this?

Thanks in advance.


Well it handles Chinese with aplomb, so Russian should be a doddle, and there is at least one Russian speaking Scrivener-user who’s posted on the forum, so I’d go ahead.


Thanks, Mark. I should be getting a sample translation of the introduction to the book to work with in about a week, so I’ll have something to play with. Thought in the meantime, I’d see if there’s any particular issues or challenges to be aware of.

Scrivener works fine with just about every language in use, thanks to the OS X subsystem. There are a few more quirks and some rare bugs once you get into double-byte scripts for languages with thousands of possible glyphs, but even then most people do not run into them.

Thanks, Amber V. I’ll be giving it a shot and see what happens. Hopefully, Life On Purpose: Six Passages to an Inspired Life will soon be available in Russian…then maybe Spanish, etc.