Can Scrivener open the favorites window like it was left the last time?

When opening Scrivener can it open the favorites window like it was left the last time?

There won’t be a favourites window in 3.0. We’ll probably post on the blog about what will be improving with that feature in the future, but if not you’ll see once the beta is out. :slight_smile: That said I do agree we should strive for persistency where we can with things like this.

Oops, hope the favorites do not disappear completely then, but I guess, they won’t.

No, no, I would not have dared to say anything like this so there actually is nothing to agree to.

Alright, not possible at the moment (or for ever without the favorites window).

Thank you very much

No worries! All present capabilities will all be intact, but replaced by a much more cohesive and useful system—rather a combination of some other things that once put together ended up benefiting each other rather than acting separately toward similar aims.

Not sure what you mean with the rest though. In general it is a good idea for utility panels and such to remain where you left them and at the same size you changed them to. Well, whether or not you agree that is a good idea that is something we’d like to aim for anyway.

Sorry for the bad expression.

Yes, absoulutely, I would like it very much.

Sorry again for my misleading expression. I do agree completely, that is a very great idea / aim!