Can Scrivener remove extra spaces between words?

I scanned the first page of an old screenplay of mine and the scan is riddled with extra space after periods and after caps. This is not Scrivener’s fault because the extra spaces appear in wordpad and notepad. Question is: can Scrivener remove these spaces? Using version

Yes. Just do a search and replace: Replace " " [two spaces] with " " [one space]. Repeat until they are all gone.

Thank you TromboneAl, quick and painless. Appreciate your help. :smiley:

Actually, Scrivener is even smarter than doing a replace two spaces with one.

Ctrl + Space will get rid of extra spaces. Handiest thing around!

And if you forget the shortcut. It is on the main menu under Format/ Convert/ Multiple Spaces to Space

How did I miss that?

Thank you friends for the additional goodies.

It was in plain sight! I missed it the first dozen times I was battling with that type of problem.

It seems ctr + space doesn’t work in scrivenings mode. Is this intentional? It would be nice to be able to clean up a whole project in one fell swoop without having to touch each individual file.

I believe that’s due to the way Scrivenings mode currently works on Windows, but I think they’re rewriting scrivenings mode for version 2.0, so it should work then.

^ I could easily be wrong about all of that.

Meanwhile, you should also be able do that at compile time - add a replacement to change two spaces into a single space.



One thing that I do to catch double spaces is to arm the Show Invisibles feature.

Click on the text area, Format > Options > Show Invisibles. If there are more than one spaces between words I usually see them when I’m proofreading the first or second time. The little dots, ‘invisibles’, won’t be added to the Compile.


As an update, as I’m fixing the double spaces in my 94,000-word manuscript.

Ctrl-space is not an option, since you’d have to advance through each document, and there’s no keyboard shortcut for that (?).

However, search/replace works well in Scrivenings mode.

I don’t think it works in scrivenings, but Alt+Shift+Down is go to next document.

For those who might be looking in future, I find the easiest way to do it is to use the CTRL-space command to switch everything from double to single spaces, then do a replace-all switching ". " to ". " or however many spaces are required.

Also, it’s perfectly acceptable to use two spaces; there’s no need for gatekeeping people’s writing in response to a question such as that posed by OP.