Can Scrivener show the last opened projects somewhere else?

Can Scrivener show the last opened projects shown here

show somewhere else, e.g. on a bar, a tool bar or where one would have quicker access, with a single click?

Have you tried CTRL-clicking on the Scrivener icon in the Mac os Dock?

No, sorry, I have Scrivener for Win.

Oh, sorry, I just wandered in through the wrong door. Don’t mind me!

I think you can do something similar with a pinned icon in the Windows task bar… if that even exists in your version of Windows (I’m still on Windows 7 at work). Other than that, I’ve successfully saved a search as a “favorite” for the .scrivx files of all my projects, so I can get a list of them, in the order of most recently opened to least recently. Do note that the .scrivx file is just an index of the contents of your project, and does not actually contain any of your writing, so doing something similar is only a convenient way of opening projects. You can always “open in enclosing folder” with a right-click to get to the whole project folder.

If you try doing this, be sure all of your backups are .zip compressed, so they don’t get mixed in with your “live” projects.

No no, no reason to say sorry.

Yes, and with other programs, but the Task Bar is quite full. And I would like those icons / links to have seen only if Scrivener is open.

In Scrivener? Or outside? If in, how?

It could not happen, my projects are in different folders than the back ups are.

Wow, I’m really failing at the clear writing thing…. The search I set up was in the Windows file browser. My search goes everywhere within my Windows user folder, since I have stuff under My Documents and in a Dropbox folder outside of that folder. I didn’t spend the time necessary to learn how to pick multiple folders to search through, so I had to be sure that none of my backups were un-compressed to keep them out of the results.

Ah yes, sorry, now I understand. So there does not seem to be a method to do such in Scrivener.

Many thanks!

Isn’t that what you basically get when you right-click on the Scrivener icon in the Taskbar? I have a list of “Recent” project files about 10 long (maybe that can be configured somewhere), and each one has a pin that I can use to pin it to that right-click menu. That’s completely different than pinning a .scrivx to the Taskbar as a separate entity to be clear. All that does is make sure the project doesn’t float off the right-click menu after a while—so it’s all self-contained behind one icon.

It’s not in Scrivener, but… does it need to be when the OS provides this service right along the bottom of the screen?

Sorry, I do not know, I get this then:

I am not sure, the answer to that question might depent on many circumstances and might refer to other options / tools in Scrivener as well. May be one has the Task Bar hidden, does not use it, want it. At least, if one could open a project in Scrivener with one single click (on a button, icon, may be combined with a shortcut) it would be good.

Oh, I wonder if that might not be something the beta does now. On my system I get a long list of recent projects, just like I would get a long list of recent .txt files in Notepad++, etc.

Okay, would be great!

I know this is an old thread, but might be useful to someone:

Not exactly configuring…but to tidy up the recent file list in the dock:
Go to file, then recent history, you can clear this menu. Of course then you’ll have to reopen the projects that you DO want to show…but I much prefer this to the ten-long list!

There is also the favorite projects list. (Scrivener, in app.)
No need to wash it between uses.