Can scrivener syn with evernotes- help for a dummy :[

Hi can I need to be able to have a secure back up of my work as writing a thesis for uni. I was hoping I could some how sysn with my evernotes?

Thanks to anyone who answers x

The answer is, not very well. You could set up Evernote folders and files to mimic exactly the structure of your Scrivener project, but the weak part of Evernote is export: it’s not set up to interact well with other programs. About all you can do is e-mail the project, and parts of it may be in proprietary files.

A better way to go: get a free account at Dropbox. Before quitting Scrivener, use the Backup: Backup to… command, check the “Backup as ZIP file” box, and point to your Dropbox folder. The file will save with a date and time stamp in its file name. Wait a few minutes for the file to finish uploading.

If you drag that file down from Dropbox to another computer, unzip it and drag the zipped archive back to Dropbox. That way, you keep your project intact until the next Backup to… procedure.

Other cloud servers (Box, Amazon, iCloud, etc) will do much the same, but they don’t represent files and folders on your computers, the way DropBox does. The web interface for Box is easy to understand, and if you own an iOS device, they will give you 50 gb storage, free. DropBox is 2 gb, although that’s likely to be plenty for a mostly-text thesis. Good luck!

Many thanks for your help :] x