Can scrivener word count selections?

I’m trying to follow the RoT for dialog from Alan Moore that says:

25 words per bubble
35 words per panel

But to word count dialog, I have to C&P from Scrivener to Open Writer.

Can Scrivener word count highlighted sections?

On a Mac, you choose View > Layout > Hide/Show Footer View. This brings up a small status bar at the bottom of the page, showing zoom level, word count, etc. By default it shows the word count of the docs in the editor; but if you select a portion of text, it gives the count for the selection.

Same for Windows?

I’d ignore the RoT. Do what you feel is right.

Hello Robert,
Yes. Just use left mouse to highlight your selection and then click right mouse anywhere in that selection. You will see the word count at the bottom of the menu that comes up.