Can Scrivener's OS X Lion Full Screen Behavior Match iWork?

Unless I’m missing something (and I could be), Scrivener’s full-screen mode in OS X Lion can’t be turned off by simply hitting the Escape key. It seems as if the only way to turn it off is the blue toggle that appears in the upper right after the menu bar has triggered.

Meanwhile, the new Lion-friendly versions of Apple’s iWorks, Safari, Mail and iPhoto) all use a single click of the Escape key to flip out of full-screen mode.

Will a future version of Scrivener make its full-screen behavior consistent with these other applications?


You can also use the shortcut key to toggle, Ctrl-Cmd-F. Esc would probably be difficult because there are so many things that key does within the project window. The most obvious of which is to rename a selected item, but it also closes pop-up windows, clears searches, and a few other things.