Can Scrivenings show only selected documents and folders?

I have my documents arranged hierarchically, so some include other documents. I want to select several documents from different places within this hierarchy and edit them as a single scrivenings text. Can I select some from different layers but leave others out?

For instance I have a document, “Introduction” and have placed a few sub documents for inclusion below that. My trouble is, I also have some non-printing “notes” documents, and I don’t want them in the scrivenings text, just the documents I select.

Can scrivenings be set to “only include selected documents?” or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks much.

Probably because of your hierarchical setup, you’re running into this issue because Scrivenings defaults to showing all the documents indented under the selected document/folder.

What I would suggest is to select the binder items you want to see as a session, and then create a collection from them. That collection shouldn’t include anything but what you selected in the binder.

Once you’re viewing the collection, you can select all of those documents and view them as a single stream of files.

You could also use some search criteria (using the search tool in the toolbar) to the same effect, assuming there’s something that those documents share to the exclusion of all other documents, but that’s a more complex approach to your situation.

You can Opt-click the container to load only the items set to be included in compile (i.e. that have “include in compile” selected in the inspector). Documents > Open > With Compilable Subdocuments does the same.

I’m not sure from your description if this is quite what you want, but it may be handy to know. Robert’s suggestion of using collections is likely to be more suited if you’re grabbing different documents from all over the binder, rather than just working with a particular folder’s children.

If your selection contains only items with subdocuments, then Scrivenings mode will show them with their subdocs. But if your selection includes at least one simple document (w/o subdocs) then scrivenings mode will not show you the sub docs of the container docs you have selected.

For this reason I sometimes keep an empty doc nearby – so as to include it in these kinds of ad hoc scrivenings selections.


Thanks MM.

I think Opt-Click does just what I was hoping for.