Can someone help with HP Chromebook 14 + Ubuntu + Scrivener?

Linux noob. Got the HP 14 Chromebook, installed Ubuntu, and Scrivener. I both have a link to it from the desktop and I find it under applications->Office but when I click on it nothing happens.


Just to test to see if the links might be broken, try this. Open a terminal window (go to the “system” menu, and look for “terminal” or “konsole” … open it. It will be a window where you’re expected to type commands … the dreaded CLI (command line interface).

Type ‘scrivener’ and press return (don’t type the quote marks); you should see hard drive activity, and in a moment Scrivener should open and run.

If Scrivener installed correctly, it should be in your /usr/bin directory; type ‘which scrivener’ in your terminal window and press enter ; it should respond with the line: /usr/bin/scrivener

If not, then something possibly went wrong during install.

(Disclaimer: I run versions of Debian linux, and have no experience with Ubuntu. But this should be similar, as Ubuntu is based on Debian.)


Ok not that much of a newb I guess lol I can do things like “open a terminal” etc lol

Didn’t start up. First command, scrivener:

/usr/share/scrivener/bin/Scrivener: error loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: no such file or directory

Second command, which scrivener:


do this from the command line (terminal)

ldd `which scrivener` | grep -i "not found"

That will tell you what is missing from your LD_LIBRARY_PATH env var or from your OS install.

Hmm… now that I’m thinking of it, is it “not found” or “can not open” that you need in the grep?


ldd: ./which scrivener: No such file or directory

you need the back ticks.

ldd which scrivener

Oooohhh those are back ticks I put single quotes. AND I have my glasses on :\

Did all three, cannot open, can not open, and not found, and nothing happens, just goes back to the prompt.

That’s odd… All the back ticks do is execute the enclosed command (which scrivener) substituting the result in that place. So this commend is really nothing more than

ldd /usr/bin/scrivener

My guess is that libc++ is not properly installed. Which is odd because nothing should work without it.

try the following command

sudo apt-get install libstdc++6

I’m going out of town tomorrow. For the debian folks … ubuntu is just debian with a different name. treat it like a stock deb system and you can get him on the right path. Drop me a PM if folks need help and I’ll try to get online.

I installed ia32 and now it comes up, thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

Found an open wifi…

I think that might have been in the install direction somewhere. I’m not a scriv on linux user (abandoned linux for mac) but I deal with linux everyday. The biggest part of linux is learning to debug things like this. Any time you see “unable to open” with a file name ending in .so use ldd to figure out what libs are missing. Then you can use synaptic (on deb and available on ubu) to install the correct library package. Sometimes you will find the package is installed, but you need to reinstall to reset permissions (there are other more dangerous ways that I recommend you avoid).

If you are newish to unix system administration I would recommend reading some of the “how to” docs for SA work. Don’t read the ones for ubu, but the ones that cover sysV ops. These will apply to all modern *nix and allow you to be portable between flavors (EX, I work with red hat linux, Solaris, AIX, HP UX, debian (home) and ubu when folks need it). Core operations like ldd and disk management are pretty much identical between all of them.

That’s more than I want to know about Linux :wink:

I bought the Chromebook specifically to write a book with Scrivener. That’s the only reason I bought it. 200mb free per month for 2 years of anywhere-Internet. Have my Win8 notebook for everything else. Now I’m set! This is really the perfect writing combo.

ok since it has been a while and some changes have been made since this post was posted so i thought i would detail what I went through to install Scrivener onto my HP Chromebook 14 with ubuntu 14.04 LTS

sudo dpkg -i ~/Downloads/scrivener-

was the only way I could get it to download. after that i had problems running it and because ia:i386 was discontinued i had to enter all of the requisit libraries by hand. Generally if it ends in “.so.number” such as “” when i would attempt to install the 32-bit replacement i needed to change it to “namenumber:i386” so like '" got changed to “libfontconfig1” becasue the other term wasn’t an actual file.
so the exact code was

sudo apt-get install libfontconfig1:i386

and so on for every library needed to complete opening scrivener.

i admit I am relitivly new at all of this and all of the instructions I had found didnt work so i spent a lot of time researching every error but once i got the hang of using [code]/usr/bin/scrivener[/co
de] and understanding what the errors meant i didnt have a problem pulling scrivener up