Can something once online now be published?

Hello everyone :smiley:

Up till recently, I always viewed my DeviantART account, Hamalot stories as being very silly, and because I was – at first, building up to a good finish (which, after almost a year I have still not yet completed), I thought that just maybe there’s a book in here, somewhere.

Perhaps it is too big a maybe, as these stories must and most definitely be based on poetry of a serious and silly nature. My poetry is out of sorts at the moment, and I can’t quite grasp my old self. Err, so to speak.

The problem is, I’ve been posting my stuff online, on and off, now for some time. Should I now consider creating something of worth that could be both enjoyable, and that could bring me some extra cash. I dunno – maybe.

I suppose the major question I would like answered is if this stuff of mine has already been online for some time, can I still be able to go ahead (if I wanted to) and be published?

Here’s an excerpt of the kind of stuff that I’m full of, err, from time-to-time, that is…:laughing:


Dead Knight’s
Poet of the Month Society

It has been sadly noted in the Daily Bludgeon’s obituary column that Sir Edmund The Thickhead has prematurely past away in the month of March. We had hoped to persuade Sir Edmund to delay his premature death until the month of April so as to have his poem - Sod’s Law - accepted for our dead month society’s listing of April. We have therefore now cancelled April’s original submission, and mean to bring an exciting new prospect for the month of April. Look out for Zola the Gorgan for a fiery battle between fighting contestants.

Previous months…


Smell and Tell
By Friar Ted De Loone

There are people here whom I’d rather not tell
Whose persona defiles our sense of smell

Those stenching bunch of putrid folk
Of billowing plumed fumed smoke

Exudes the crevice cracks of velcro underwear
I do wish they’d take the plunge and scrub under there


Sir Gladhead the Spanker
By Sir Bladderbeer the Belcher

In Days Of Old When Knights Were Sorely Bold
And It Wasn’t Just An Heir They Were After

Along Came An Old Crone What Threatened Throne
And Stole Away The King’s Daughter

Well Two Days Had Past In Spreading Of News
And Two Nights At Last In Searching For Clues

When It Were Called Upon The Services Of Sir Gladhead The Spanker
Who In Some Quarters Was Known To Be A Bit Of A Flanker

But We Knew He Had Clout And Besides He Were Large And Stout
And It Were Said He Could Flatten Out Any Old Crone Crook or Lout

Aye And So He Went On His Way Back Tracking The Old Crone’s Scent
Until He Came Across Her Putrid Stench

And With With Nout Taken Out He Did Challenge This Old Trout
He Gave Her Such A Spanking Run Her Through And Smote Her Out


A Cultured Paddy Indeed
By Sir Tristrample the Plentiful

There is a man whom we dearly like
But most of the time he’s full of shite

We’d gladly follow him everywhere
If only he’d stop and stay over there

From ancient Rome to Istanbul
From French Bordeux to a apropos

Such an affable sort of chap
This wandering travelled educated pat

I say Sir Bors have you seen so-and-so’s new show
Yes i did. It was bloody awful and i had to go

T’was so true, but let me run this one now past you

Verily I must admit in a proto-Minimalist sort of sense
To have gone now I must have been completely bent

The repertoire was clearly not of my conservatoire
The acting was demur the scenery was so poor
And consequently and none too frequently
There was no encore!

I don’t know about poetry specifically, but there’s no reason something published online can’t then be turned into a “dead tree version”.

There are plenty of examples of work that has followed this path - Belle de Jour started as a blog, Shutterbug Follies was a webcomic, and there’s the recent case of a fantasy author (whose name escapes me for the moment, sorry) who published her debut novel chapter by chapter as a blog, before it was picked up for publication. And these are by no means the only cases.

…there`s poetry…and then there is~~~POETRY~~~~~sigh :slight_smile:

Yes, I can see what you mean, but you are obviously not aware of any thing else that I have done that may be thought of as true poetry. After all, I did mention poetry of a serious AND silly nature.

Something I wrote only recently, but that has nothing (as yet) to do with those Hamalot stories…

Strength and Valour

There’s a new light at the top of the world
Though at night we must carry on the fight
If we’re to raise our boys and our girls

I’ve made my decisions and I’ve made up my mind
The battle plans are laid out precisely for precision
Now do I go into battle alongside those of my kind

We may win, or we may lose
But not to begin now would be a sin
And could ignite a different kind of fuse

Men of arms I call upon you first
Not with promises of dreamt up charms
But to carry with you into battle, two words

Strength and valour in the face of our enemy
Strength and valour to cut them asunder
Strength and valour to honour me

Your Death is Up

Wake up, it’s time for you to go
Your wanted in the next life

I’m afraid you’re heading down below
But there’s plenty for your kind that’s rife

Death, it comes but once in a lifetime
And yes, it must be avoided at all costs

Life goes on, until a time when some sign ends mine
Like sleep, all becomes vague, forgotten and is lost

I’m in a deep sleep right now.
And nowhere to be found

I’ll be back again no doubt, somehow?
But to humankind I may not be bound


A Jewel Within A Jool

Poetry in you t’was always known
That you would unlock its blocked path
To let it out, and go about anew on its own

Fresh with excitement. Wrought within a blazing mind
With rhyming words that do so now so sublimely verse
In you, do we not shine with our most treasured find?

A jewel within a jool that hath no rival
Of sparks and sparkles as yours’ do
Let it shine, so we may marvel

I forgot to thank you there antony for your reply. 8)

Sorry it took me awhiles to reply. I forgot to log off before I meant to do something else.

Last year, sometime I decided I was up to creating a whole story within a story. It was at first meant to be some silly lines of poetry (if you can call it that) incorporated into an idea, but it soon got out of hand, as I started to rhyme every storyline that entered my head.

I certainly cannot write a whole story this way, but sometimes when I am ready for it, that is what happens.

Thanks again to all who can contribute something of worth. 8)

Please don`t take my post:

as being anyway a criticism of your work…it wasnt. It was a fun way of saying I enjoyed the poem. I dont consider myself to be competent enough to offer meaningful appraisals of other peoples work.
Take care

For a little while I did to be honest, but thanks for your honesty there vic-k. 8)

Btw, I’m also Hobbit Jigs of John Howe’s forums, and I am also Madre Farbot of some other, err, more questionable forums too. :laughing:

I have no idea why I first created my profile’s username to be MacRankin, as I am usually MacRankin on Killersites. That’s when I’m in my web page building mood.

You know, right now, I’m into too many things, and I just don’t know where I am going to find the time to do all the things that interest me. And that reminds me, I must get some drawing done!

Youll have to let us have peek. Are they similar to John Howes. There are quite a few admirers of Sauron amongst Scriveners crew. It goes without saying, all of em are Portlanders. :open_mouth:

Take care

Oh dear, I’ve my put my other foot in it now. Well, my drawings are at a very rudimentary stage. Or should that be at a very rude and mental stage. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m an old newspaper style cartoonist. Or rather I would be if I had worked on a newspaper. Anyway, my drawings haven’t really moved very far from their drawing board, but I’m getting more and more used to the idea that I may one day have something of worth. :slight_smile:

I don’t know what a ‘Portlander’ is, but if you go look up this month’s theme over on John Howe’s website you’ll see that they have a, ‘Walking with Dante’ theme, which are quite dark and malevolent looking except maybe one of Graeme’s drawings which reminds me of one of those Gary Larson cartoons. :laughing:

Portfolio link

In all conscience, I cant allow you to wander all aver Scriveners deck, ignorant of who or what a Portlander is. I urge you to use the Search facility, at the top of the page, and do a search for Portlander. It does make you wonder just what`s going on :open_mouth:

Do the search!!
Take care

Well now, you must forgive my lack of knowledge
As I had, to be fair, thought it already to be a town
Yet, it is strange that the same lot here, do so forage

So then, it is Stephen King country you’re from?
I had an inkling that there was some dark twinkling
Where an author had let fly some painful end to a prom

And although I am not an avid reader of this kind of genre
Tommyknockers was, and is my only favourite claim, as it goes
For my mind becomes too engaged with another sort of ghostly power

You’re mixing up your Portlands.

There’s Old Portland, a port and island at Weymouth on the Dorset Coast.

There’s New Portland, the largest city in Maine where Stephen King was born.

And then there’s Newer Portland, the city in Oregon settled by a lumberman from Maine and a lumberman from Boston who flipped a coin to see what they’d call it, and which for reasons we’ve yet to understand has spawned a large number of Scrivener users and board members.

There may be other Portlands, but it’s hard enough keeping track of these three.

You’re mixing up your Portlands.

There’s Old Portland, a port and island at Weymouth on the Dorset Coast.

There’s New Portland, the largest city in Maine where Stephen King was born.

And then there’s Newer Portland, the city in Oregon settled by a lumberman from Maine and a lumberman from Boston who flipped a coin to see what they’d call it, and which for reasons we’ve yet to understand has spawned a large number of Scrivener users and board members.

There may be other Portlands, but it’s hard enough keeping track of these three.

Indeed M`sieur Jigs,
Tis what many non Portlanders on board The Good Ship Scrivener, fear and suspect :open_mouth:

A spot of Tommynockery is afoot. Tis the land of Portland, Oregon, whence they come.

They are prolific breeders. If not already, the humans on board will soon be outnumbered.

The ship will become a pariah at all ports of call! one.
Mere d`Lucifer

Le Directeur :imp:

Hmm… Well, I purposely left out any mention of the country, ‘America’ in my poem, mostly because there was an article referring to a Portland, which vic-k had suggested I’d do a search of – Portlander, that is, and to which has all sorts of nice info regarding it, but apparently not the bit about there being two cities of Portland.

My favourite seaside port / town in England is Mousehole, in Cornwall. Just thought I’d let you know that it isn’t Portland, here in England. :slight_smile:

Anyway, wherever it is it’s already got a certain appeal, especially if you want to rent reasonably, eat cheaply, and rummage around for hours in some bins for free clothing items. Oh, silly me. I forgot the waffles. Funny, but I’ve never had waffles that I can remember, even though I’m waffling on about it now. :laughing:

How about this for poetry.

I smacked thee. (pause for at least thirty seconds)
Senseless. (pause for at least ten seconds)

In full gratification I gave no response.
(Crowd applauds maniacally)

Ha harrrghhhhhh give me my million and Pulitzer Please!

Oh as to answer the original topic.

It truly depends on who owns the initial Copyrightand their wishes or what was in agreement in its usage during said period.

Example, a publishers publishes your works but “buys” the copyright in the agreement (You sell the story for example). You may have to REMOVE all that content from the web if the Copyright owner (publisher in this case) does not agree to having it publicly put on the web…

But in most cases of writings and writers it usually is the WRITER who has the copyright and then can do what they so choose to when it comes to publishing unless of course the material was part of a contract deal or was created during a contract that prohibits its free usage.

When in doubt ask a LAWYER (Usually a Copyright Lawyer or a lawyer that looked over your publishing contract)