Can´t find my text

I havn´t worked on my project since 2014. Now when I logged in I can´t find part of my project.
I have bought the updated version, and I have looked at FAQ and followed the steps about Preferences - Backup. But when I am at Backup Location there is no project to choose from.
In my older version it´s not possible either because they are marked grey.

When I try to open my work the frontpage says 0 words, but when I go to “Project statistics” it says 8544 words and 47884 characters.
So I guess it´s there, somewhere?

I really want to find this part of my project, and I would be very greatful if someone could help me.

It sounds like the new version of Scrivener is using a different backup folder than the older version was, so you if you want you could make those both the same.

As for that, if you’re trying to open the backups directly in Scrivener that isn’t possible. They aren’t Scrivener projects in their default state—but rather .zip files. It’s not a good idea to open backups directly anyway (that’s one reason for zipping them, to make it a bit of a hurdle intentionally). What you should do is instead visit that folder directly in Finder (the Open backup folder… button in the Backup pane will take you there), and drag the backups you want to examine to another folder with the Option key held down. This will create copies of the originals. Once copied, double-click on a project in Finder to decompress the .zip file.

Now you should see a more familiar Scrivener project icon. If you load that in the upgraded version, you will first need to upgrade it (which creates another backup, which you can probably trash once you’ve successfully upgraded it). And then rinse, repeat until you find a version of the project you want, from among the .zips.

I’m not sure what a “frontpage” is in Scrivener terms, but try clicking on the Draft folder and switch to Outliner mode from the View menu. You can add a word count column from the View ▸ Outliner Columns ▸ submenu, and then use View ▸ Outline ▸ Expand All to fully expand the outliner, if there are levels of items.