Can’t get the Typewriter scroller to work. It stays on the top of the page

I already said the whole thing really.

I did follow the instructions to select typrwriter scrolling in all the various settings menus from soup to nuts. tried it with and without scriptwriting active. tapping the “T” icon only makes the icon change color, it doesn’t appear to o anything else.


iPad, 2022 version

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Make sure your text is long enough to justify the feature kicking in.
Also, I believe that the Mac and iOS versions give you control on the position in the options. (Perhaps you are set so…)

Curious as to “It stays on the top of the page” from the thread’s title.
What do you mean by “It stays” ?
Because, normally, once the typewriter scrolling is deactivated, you can edit the text, and the scroll position sticks to where it is. (The cursor moves down the lines if you input some more text, but no scrolling is involved.) What I mean, to put it in other words, is that if you input some text somewhere at very the bottom of the editor (typewriter scrolling still being deactivated), it’ll only scroll down one line; if, and only if, needed. – It is not gonna bring up that line to the top. (Or wherever; top in your case.)

In short, the typewriter scrolling, starting with a blank document, will act as if deactivated until you’ve typed in enough text to reach the “target line of the scrolling”, and then it’ll start scrolling so that the line on which you are editing/typing is where you’ve set the options for it to be, from this point on. But not before.
If you are set for the typewriter scrolling to aim for the middle of the editor (like it is by default in the Windows version), nothing specific will happen until you have half an editor worth of text in your document.
(You’ll never get to see a blank space at the top of the editor with some text underneath it. – Not from the typewriter scrolling’s doing, that is.)
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