Can’t install on 2nd Windows mobile

I’m licensed on Windows desktop, using Dropbox for saving files.

I want to use 2nd copy of Scrivener on a Windows mobile device (Dropbox enabled). But when I download the app from Scrivener website and install it on the mobile, no options to sign on as a member appear, and there is no way to access my existing files.

How do I enable Scrivener to run my Scrivener novel-in-progress file on the Windows mobile device?

All you do is close scriv on one device save as zip file .( more stable) now on second device open Dropbox folder where put save. Extract zip file and then open scrivx file where put extracted scriv project folder.

I would question the suggestion that you need to zip the file. Dropbox is the only clous sync service recommended for use with Scrivener for a reason: because Dropbox handles Scriv project bundles exceptionally well. Zipping and unzipping constantly would a significant burden in a two computer set up. Keeping regular (zipped!) backups is the right way to exercise caution — and occasions no inconvenience.

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It sounds like you are having an install problem. By your description you are not even able to successfully launch the app.

One sometimes useful trick is to redownload the app but use a different browser to do it. This helps rule out browser-specific flubs.

Beyond that, I would turn to Lit&Lat tech support. I doubt there is much we can do here on the user forum to help with installation issues.

What specific operating system does your mobile device use? Scrivener is only supported for use with true Windows PC computers.

Once you have Scrivener working on both devices, the rest is up to the Dropbox application. Scrivener itself has no Windows-to-Windows synchronization mechanism.