Can’t shift to top of document using Editor Nav bar in full screen mode

iOS 12.3.1…Scrivener 1.1.5 (1301)…iPad Air 2

I had made note to myself about this before (older OS) but didn’t report/inquire about it. Don’t know if it’s a bug or an iOS norm. Regardless, not a biggie.

To add to the thread subject line:
In normal Editor, can rapidly shift to top of doc by tapping blank area of Nav bar.
In full screen Editor, tapping blank area does nothing.

I’ve noticed this before in Scrivener and other apps, on iPhone as well as iPad. It’s an iOS thing, for the top edge of the screen (although it helps to not target a control!) It almost always works correctly in portrait mode, but it doesn’t always in landscape mode and I’m danged if I know why. :confused:

You’re right about portrait mode, SD, thanks. :slight_smile: It works there for me 100 %. Didn’t think to try it. I only use landscape for Scrivener.