Can;t, Won;t and Don;t not recognized as being misspelled by spell checker or with a red underline

Because I’m a clumsy typist, I frequently type can;t, won;t and don;t instead of can’t, won’t and don’t. The Scrivener spell checker does not recognize the misspelling, nor does it add the red underline. Is there a way to change that so that it does recognize those words as being misspelled?

Isn’t that cool. Wow, nice find.

The only thing I can suggest is that if you have auto-correct on, you can under tools/ options / Corrections
enable additional substitutions and then Edit Substitutions adding those words. You may need to add with both capitalized and non-capitalized, as I don’t think Don’t and don’t are considered the same, and you certainly don’t want them corrected that way.

Editing substitutions didn’t work, neither in the live view nor during compile. Editing compile replacements did work, but it’s a clumsy workaround.

This looks like a real blind spot. None of the following are underlined as spelling mistakes:

Don9t Don(t Don^t Don8t Don@t don&t don£t don{t can9t can(t can^t can8t can@t can&t can£t can{t won9t won(t won^t won8t won@t won&t won£t won{t

It appears that any character will be accepted in the place of an apostrophe - as in ‘Fred&s hat’ which was also not underlined.

Well spotted!

Strange, I have used edit substitutions for this and it has always worked for me. They are corrected on the fly as I type no problem.

Huh. Those other iterations aren’t as much of a problem because they aren’t as easily typed as the semi-colon. It’s next to the apostrophe and closer to the center of the keyboard, so it’s easier to hit it. (Which does raise the question as to why the QWERTY designers thought colons and semi-colons would be more useful than the apostrophe and quotation marks.)

They might not be much of a problem, but they should still be highlighted. You can’t let a spelling mistake go simply because it’s a rare one.

Do other Windows apps catch these? What about wouldn;t ? Could it be that it thinks (rightly ) that can won and don are words?